Monday, March 15, 2010

Pure Bliss

I was given the honor of doing a product review for Eden Fantasys and was supplied an item free of charge to use and give my thoughts on. I am hoping this will be an ongoing gig as the products are FABULOUS!

First item up for review is Pure Bliss, a wireless bullet style toy with a nubby sleeve. You have a choice of pink or purple colored bullets. Retails for $22.99 as of 3/07/10.


Fun looking toy that comes in two colors Pink or Purple.
Interesting texture on the soft sleeve.
Push button on/off switch
Comes with a battery, ready to use out of the package after a quick wash.
Ease of cleanup. Can’t beat a waterproof toy!
Great price.

Not enough vibration centered where it needs to be.
That’s it. Just one con but it makes all the difference.

The Experience.
First off I love the push button switch instead of the twist style that usually had me flinging the batteries across the room.
It’s waterproof for those of us who really like a relaxing bath experience.
The overall feel of the sleeve was great and I was very curious as to how it would FEEL. Turning it on in my hand I had high hopes as the vibrations felt powerful and consistent. Sadly, when it came down to business most of the vibration was felt in my fingertips and not where I really wanted to feel them.
I tried letting Jase take the lead but again I think the vibes were concentrated more in his firm grip than on my hooha.
After trying a few different ways of using this toy we had to give up and move on. It just wasn’t working for me.
If you’re used to a jet engine this is more like a Moped.

I rate this product:
4/5 Stars for overall look and textural feel.
2/5 Vrooms for low vibration quality.

There are a LOT of great products over at Eden Fantasys so go on over and take a look to find yourself a perfect toy!

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