Monday, March 15, 2010

Inflatable Love Pillow

Inflatable Love Pillow
Retails for $23.99 as of 3/15/2010 at

product picture
Position pillow by Topco
Material: PVC
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.


The Love Pillow is intended to raise a person’s hips during sex or masturbation. Can be used in several different ways for many of your favorite positions or you can try some new ones! It eases the strain on your partner by helping you meet them halfway instead of making them come to you.

It comes with a Love Position Booklet with helpful pictures and blurbs about the different positions you can try. While the photos aren’t overly graphic (no penis to be seen) they are pretty hot. Show it to your partner as they inflate the pillow and I promise they will set a world record for fastest blow up time.

Two separate air valves for the top and bottom halves so you can customize the areas of support.
Valves are the "pinch and blow, one way flow" style that keeps air in the pillow so it won't slowly deflate during use. Just pinch or gently bite the valve as you blow into it and it's done.
To deflate just pinch the valves again and place pressure on the section you want to release air from.

Material / Texture:

This item is made of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride). It has a soft, velvety texture in a rich, navy blue color. It is unassuming and discreet. You can leave it on the bed or couch and no one will guess what it’s actually used for. It also comes with patch kit with glue and velvet like fabric to match the pillow.

Taste / Aroma: 

It has a slight inner tube scent. Not overpowering or distracting. I didn’t even notice it after a few minutes out of the box. You can always pretend you’re having sex on the beach or next to a pool if you have a sensitive nose.



As always the shipping box from EdenFantasys was extremely discreet and did not give away what might be inside.


This pillow comes in a square retail box that is not at all discreet. It’s covered in several semi-graphic pictures depicting the various positions that this pillow can be used for. It might be best to throw it away or hide it if other people live in or visit the home.

Personal comments

Having been in an auto accident a few years ago, sex usually leaves my back aching and me limping from the bed for all the wrong reasons. This pillow definitely helped ease the strain my lower back was under while in various positions. It gets my A+ for making sex enjoyable again. Now I limp away for all the right, delicious reasons. The Love Pillow lives up to its name because I love this pillow!


This pillow is sturdy enough for our combined weight. At no time did I feel like it might pop or move out from under me. The textured velvet covering made sure the pillow did not slip or slide during our rigorous testing. My husband was able to get deeper penetration with my hips being elevated and he was able to last longer since he was able to keep the brunt of his weight on his knees instead of his arms.

Care and Maintenance:

Easy to wipe down with a toy cleaner or water but if you are looking to keep it nice and fresh I suggest using a pillow case on it. Make sure you dry it well before using again as some of the blue color might bleed onto your sheets. Hence, the pillow case suggestion. Water and Silicone lubes will not affect this products usability.

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Pure Bliss

I was given the honor of doing a product review for Eden Fantasys and was supplied an item free of charge to use and give my thoughts on. I am hoping this will be an ongoing gig as the products are FABULOUS!

First item up for review is Pure Bliss, a wireless bullet style toy with a nubby sleeve. You have a choice of pink or purple colored bullets. Retails for $22.99 as of 3/07/10.


Fun looking toy that comes in two colors Pink or Purple.
Interesting texture on the soft sleeve.
Push button on/off switch
Comes with a battery, ready to use out of the package after a quick wash.
Ease of cleanup. Can’t beat a waterproof toy!
Great price.

Not enough vibration centered where it needs to be.
That’s it. Just one con but it makes all the difference.

The Experience.
First off I love the push button switch instead of the twist style that usually had me flinging the batteries across the room.
It’s waterproof for those of us who really like a relaxing bath experience.
The overall feel of the sleeve was great and I was very curious as to how it would FEEL. Turning it on in my hand I had high hopes as the vibrations felt powerful and consistent. Sadly, when it came down to business most of the vibration was felt in my fingertips and not where I really wanted to feel them.
I tried letting Jase take the lead but again I think the vibes were concentrated more in his firm grip than on my hooha.
After trying a few different ways of using this toy we had to give up and move on. It just wasn’t working for me.
If you’re used to a jet engine this is more like a Moped.

I rate this product:
4/5 Stars for overall look and textural feel.
2/5 Vrooms for low vibration quality.

There are a LOT of great products over at Eden Fantasys so go on over and take a look to find yourself a perfect toy!